Dragon & Lion Dance Events

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Dragon and Lion Dance Events

Dragon and Lion Dance Events is proud to be recognised as Brisbane’s foremost traditional lion and dragon dance troupe, showcasing their spectacular, high energy shows at a wide variety of venues around Australia.

Featuring a dynamic performance incorporating highly skilled dancers and magnificent traditional costumes, there’s no better way to create a truly memorable occasion. Now available with modern LED lighting and technology, a dragon or lion dance can light up your evening event like nothing else can!

The Brisbane Dragon Dance and Lion Dance team is ethnically diverse, bringing together individuals from many nationalities to hone their skills and preserve this amazing traditional art. For almost 30 years, our entertaining shows have brought lasting good luck and true enjoyment to audiences of all ages across the country.

Get in touch with us today on 0418 889 133– we’ll make sure your next event is an event to remember!

Dragon Dance Performances

Dragon Dance History

A minimum of nine energetic performers manipulate a fierce looking dragon, making it soar and dive in sweeping, wave-like patterns, scaring away evil spirits and bringing good luck to all who are captivated by its intricate movements.

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Lion Dance Performances

Lion Dance History

Lion dancing is not only an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations, where it is often performed in temples, restaurants, businesses and at cultural festivals, but is also a popular way to entice good luck to visit house warmings, weddings and birthdays.

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